Why swim with us?

Our primary objective is to create a fun, positive and happy environment for children and young adults to learn and enjoy competitive swimming. The club’s secondary objective is to provide swimmers with the right opportunities throughout their development in order to achieve success and fulfil their true potential in competitive swimming.

Gloucester City Swimmers will be:

Encouraged to fulfil their potential as an athlete and to develop their personal and life skills.
Encouraged to see that hard work and honest endeavour achieves success.
Taught to understand the value of supporting their team and the value of support from their team.
Constantly challenged with small goals that are within the athlete’s control – process centred.
Taught to win with humility, lose with resolve and to embrace the commitment to always do their personal best.

Upcoming Events


The competitive swimming pathway through the club consists of eight squads progressing from 4 hours training per week up to 17 hours. These eight squads are split into two distinct sections; Swim Skills (SSK), Train to Compete (TTC). We also have a Train to Enjoy (TTE) for those who are not looking to swim competitively.


The approach for this squad is to work with the individual needs and abilities of the swimmer, focusing on what they can do rather than what they can’t. Swimmers will focus on developing stroke technique and racing skills.

Open Water Swimming

Open water sessions are run once a month at Croft Farm in Tewkesbury 5.30-6.30pm between April and July (dates will vary, please check monthly training schedule and session changes).